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Custody Service

Is a service that ACB receives and preserves valuable papers and documents for businesses to ensure the safety and confidentiality of information.


  • Limit the risk of theft of important papers and documents.
  • Information is kept safe and confidential completely.
  • Reduce the administrative and management costs of the businesses. 


  • Items to be in custody: important papers and documents of the Business.
  • Custody fee:
    Calculated on a basis of a full month. 
    In case where the custody period is less than 30 days, it will be counted as 1 month. 
    Fees are applied according to the applicable regulations of ACB from time to time
  • Margin requirements: 2,000,000 VND/custody service contract 


Fee schedule for corporate customers.


  • Nearest ACB branch/sub-branch or make an appointment online, here
  • 247 Contact Center at 1900 54 54 86 - (028) 38 247 247 - 1800 57 77 75