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Payables Management

Payables Management

CASH PAYMENT ACB provide “cash payment on behalf of customer” services. Accordingly, ACB deduct the money from your ACB account to pay for your partners at their offices, headquarter or nominated locations. BILL PAYMENT Bill payment may be time consuming for customers who have a large amount of payables arising periodically such as supermarkets or distribution agents. To save time and costs for expenditure department, “Bill payment” is ACB service in which ACB deducts money of customers’ account at ACB to pay for customers’partners in the list of payables issued by customers periodically or irregular. PAYROLL/COMMISSION SERVICES To save costs and personel for managing monthly salary payment to employees or pay commission to agencies, customers can use “salary/commission payment on behalf of customers” in cash or transfer.


Convenient, simple payment system help corporate make large number of transactions to unlimited beneficiaries.


Support matching accounts payable list. Ensuring money goes to exact beneficiaries


Secure, Accurate, absolutely confidential in all payment transactions

Corporate user


Customers would like to receive cash with a large amount at head quarters, offices instead of directly coming to the bank.

 Customers need to pay their partners at the offices of the partners. 


Corporate customers have a large number of periodically payables such as supermarkets or distributors, etc


Customers at all economic levels want to pay salary for employees or pay commission for agencies.



    Avoid and minimize risks from cash checking, counting and transportation;

    Save time and costs;

    Quick, accurate and efficient cash payment


    Save time and costs for Expenditure department.

    Limit errors and mistakes in making payment order for each payables.

    Safe, secured information

    Quick and accurate bill payment 


    Pay salary at ACB counters or pay automatically through ACB online.

    Save cash management costs, labour cost, and expenses of working facilities and equipment

    Save time for cash checking and counting, and avoid cash transportation risks

    Maintain accurate and confidential payroll records for employees

    Fast and precise payment.

    Staff is provided with ATM card for their withdrawal

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Enjoy other supporting utilities: Phone Banking, Internet Baking, Mobile Banking.

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For further information and instruction, please contact us at any nearest ACB’s branch office or ContactCenter 24/7: 1900 54 54 86 - (084) 08 38 247 247 - 1800 57 77 75 (Free, for priority customer)

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