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Term Deposits

Term Deposits

Term savings deposits are a product enabling customers depositing their savings to enjoy attractive term interest rates.


Attractive term interest rates


Prompt transactions at all ACB branches/transaction offices


Proof of financial status


VND: Vietnamese and foreign individuals
USD: Vietnamese individuals residents

Product utilities

1. Customers may pledge their savings passbooks to obtain loans, secure the issuance of credit cards or provide guarantee for a third person to get loans from ACB;  

2. Savings passbooks can be used to confirm customers’ financial capability or to guarantee their relatives’ overseas travel and study;

3. Individual residents are entitled to use their savings accounts to pay for loans or to transfer money into other ACB accounts of the holders;

4. Customers may carry out transactions at any ACB branches / transaction offices;

5. Customers will be able to check their account information with ACBOnline supportive services;

6. Savings deposits can serve as a basis for issuing overdraft limits;

7. Customers are entitled to transfer their ownership before maturity to preserve their interest.



Tenor: to be announced periodically (1 to 36 months)
Types of currency: VND, USD
Minimum deposit amount: 1,000,000 VND/ 100 USD
Interest rates: corresponding to deposit amounts and tenors at depositing time (See Tariff Table

Mode of interest payment: monthly, quarterly, at maturity.


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ong kek siong mike - 2071 days 13 hours 6 minutes ago

I am interested in opening a VND term deposit of 100USD or more(,a Singaporean) , & a sav a/c(VND) because l can't save more than $1500 SGD without screwing up. Can you please help me. Thank you.

Ngân hàng Á Châu - ACB - 2043 days 1 hours 4 minutes ago

Dear Sirs or Madam ong kek siong mike, Thanks for your caring about ACB services and products. At present, ACB don’t know exactly what kind account you want to open. You please contact to our Contact Center at ( 848)38247247 to get further consultancy. Thanks & Best regards,

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