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Kid Cumulative Term Deposit

Kid Cumulative Term Deposit

Aiming at providing customers with an accumulation measure to realize all their plans in life, ACB launches this product of “Thiên thần nhỏ” targeting children aged 0 to 15.

The first lesson

Children’s first lessons of managing personal financial affairs


Assisting children in working towards their own goals from early childhood


Setting up children’s sound financial base for the future


Parent(s) and guardians of children under 15

Product utilities

1. Customers are entitled to make multiple deposits 30 days before maturity and to withdraw the whole principal on closing the book;

2. Customers registering interest payments into payment deposit accounts of the holders of Thiên Thần Nhỏ cumulative deposit passbooks will be entitled to the following privileges:
- Free-of-charge account management;
- No minimum balance maintenance and initial minimum limit required;

3. Customers are entitled to register for life insurance when the accumulated amount reaches 20 million;

4. Exclusive privileges for holders of Cumulative Deposit Passbooks in each period;

5. Other utilities of savings deposit accounts.


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