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ACB Visa Signature

ACB Visa Signature

Classical culinary excellence with exclusive privileges from ACB Visa Signature

Cashback up to 10%

Cashback step by step up to 10% accumulated transaction amount of Visa Signature/Privilege Signature credit card

Free Priority Pass card

Get a Free Priority Pass for primary cardholdes to use at more than 1,000 airport vip lounges worldwide and 1 free use for the first time (apply only for Visa Signature Cardholder). Especially, every 50 million transaction spending by Visa Signature/Visa Privilege Signature, customer will receive 01 free pass.

Free card insurrance

Free up to 04 insurrance packs services

Cardholder condition

Individuals who are Vietnamese or foreigner from the age 18 to 65, lives in Vietnam and satisfy the conditions of submitting for VISA Signature / Privilege Signature cards according to ACB's regulations.



1. Cashback step by step up to 10% for Visa Signature/Privilege Signature spending volume.
Belongs to cardholder's requirement, ACB will cashback follow the step by step way base on Visa Signature/Privilege Signature spending volume; in details:
- Cashback 1% for ≤ 200 million vnd transaction volume.
- Cashback 2% for more than 200 million vnd to 300 million vnd transaction volume.
- Cashback 10% for more than .00 million vnd to 400 million vnd transaction volume;
- Cashback 0.5% for more than 400 million vnd transaction volume.
Note:  Apply for at least 500.000 VND cash back (equivalent minimum 50.000.000 vnd transaction volume).
Terms & Conditions are attacked below.

2. Global Support Services from Visa Worldwide:
Global Support Service only supplied for inbound or outbound cardholder. Signature Cardholder just take a phone call to Visa World Call Center Support Service (free call) will be provided from related services to life essential needs &urgent services such as lost card, cash withdrawal, medical services... The supporting services include:
- Travel assistance: providse information on flights and hotels, hotel reservations and airline tickets.
- Car and limousine rental: provide information, introduce services and book rentals.
- Sports and entertainment support: provides information, offers services and bookings for restaurants, health clubs, sporting events, golf courses, shopping venues.
- Pre-trip support: visa / passport information, customs / tax and destination information such as weather, exchange rates, language, time zone, ATM withdrawals,...


3. Special Offers for Signature Cardholders from ACB and Visa:
Special Offers / Discounts for Signature Holders around the world according to the Visa Signature promotion list.
Especially in Vietnam, customers can participate in the golf promotion program at Chi Linh Star Golf Course (Hai Duong), Long Thanh golf course (Dong Nai), Phoenix Gofl Resort (Hoa Binh) and Club Vietnam Golf (Ho Chi Minh City).



- Spend first, pay later, interest free up to 60 days
- Minimum payment 5% per monthly usage
- Cash withdrawal at over 1 million ATMs with Visa logo around the world.
- Accepting payment for goods and services at more than 30 million Visa payment acceptance points worldwide.
- Visa Online payment at the accepted websites all over the world.
- Management of card transactions anytime, anywhere, bill payment, electricity, water, telephone ... with 247 Contact Center service, ACB Online, SMS banking ...
- Secure transaction with 3D Secure service.
- Other services of international credit card.



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Contact ACB Branches / Offices for advice on terms and conditions of applying card

  • ACB branches nationwide
  • Bankcard Customer service: (08) 38 222 022
  • Bankcard Customer service in Hanoi: (04) 35 667 918
  • Contact Center 24/7: 1900 54 54 86 - (08) 38 247 247 - 1800 57 77 75

Prepare documentation follow the customer service's direction

Application form (download here)

Income documents (Salary confirmation form , Job title confirmation etc.)

Personal documents (ID/ PPassport, Residence book...)


Submit document at the nearest ACB Branches / Offices

Submit application form and required documents to ACB branches.

Recieve new card & PIN at customer's requirement address

Recieve new card & PIN at customer's requirement address

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