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Interbank Remittance Service on Card

Interbank Remittance Service on Card

Eligible customers

Available for ACB domestic debit cardholders

Conditions of service

- Outward remittance: allows ACB domestic debit cardholders to make fund transfers to cardholders of other banks in the Smartlink System using ACB Online.


+ In addition to having a domestic debit card issued by ACB, customers must register to use the ACB Online silver or gold service packages

+ Cards from other banks – Beneficiary cards can be debit, credit or domestic/international prepaid, depending on the policy of card beneficiaries’ issuing bank.

- Beneficiary: allow ACB domestic debit cardholders to receive money from debit cardholders other banks

Prominent feature

No differentiation between remittance fees outside the system in the same city or province and different provinces or cities.
 - Safe, Secure.
 - Limit to use services:


  Outward remittance



1. The maximum amount /transaction

50.000.000 VND

2. The maximum amount/ day

Apply to the limit account transfer on ACB Online Service.

3. Maximum total number of transactions/ day

No limit

  Beneficiary: the limit depends on the policy of the card beneficiaries of issuing bank.

      Notes: Limit to use the outward remittance service will change from time to time as per ACB regulations.

Fee of Interbank Remittance by Card on ACB Online: 10.000 VND/transaction.

Steps to make Interbank Remittance by Card on ACB Online:

      Please refer to the instructions for performing interbank remittance by card on ACB Online here.

List of bank cards which can receive money from ACB domestic debit cards.

       Please refer to the instructions here.

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