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Cash flow management

Receivables Management

CASH COLLECTION ACB can do the cash collection at office, customer’s head office or appointed location by customer and transfer money to customers’ accounts at ACB. BILL COLLECTION The management of receivables is one of the main concerns of the customers who have a large amount of periodically arising receivables. Understand this, ACB provided bill collection issued by our customers to customers’ partners and credited into customers’account at ACB.

Payables Management

CASH PAYMENT ACB provide “cash payment on behalf of customer” services. Accordingly, ACB deduct the money from your ACB account to pay for your partners at their offices, headquarter or nominated locations. BILL PAYMENT Bill payment may be time consuming for customers who have a large amount of payables arising periodically such as supermarkets or distribution agents. To save time and costs for expenditure department, “Bill payment” is ACB service in which ACB deducts money of customers’ account at ACB to pay for customers’partners in the list of payables issued by customers periodically or irregular. PAYROLL/COMMISSION SERVICES To save costs and personel for managing monthly salary payment to employees or pay commission to agencies, customers can use “salary/commission payment on behalf of customers” in cash or transfer.

Liquidity Management

CENTRALISED ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT To simplify management multiple accounts and increase the efficiency of using spare money, ACB launched “Centralised account management” service to support customers to gather capital from sub-accounts to one main account or to add capital of the main account to the sub-accounts when the sub-accounts are disbursed exceeding account balance.

Special program available for corperate customers opening new checking accounts and/or using ACB's payments & collections sevice

The following companies can benefit from this program + Electricity and Water suppliers, Internet & cable television providers, and Insurance companies + Fast Moving Consumer Goods outlets + Companies with retail networks in Vietnam (availability subject to the program's conditions) * Period: from 25/08/2016 until further updates from ACB