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Import L/C

Import L/C

ACB guarantees L/C issuance for enterprises and carries out payments to foreign partners upon receiving eligible goods delivery documents. ACB can forward L/Cs within the shortest time and with the least costs.

Enjoying financial assistance through import financing program

Enjoying financial assistance through import financing program

Receiving L/Cs within 8 working hours

Receiving L/Cs within 8 working hours

Corporate user

Enterprises importing goods and making payments by L/C


+ Enterprises importing goods and making payments by L/Cs

+ Enterprises enjoying free consultation on international trade practice and customs, as well as special provisions so as to minimize risks that may arise in trade process.

+ Enjoying ACB’s free check of eligibility of document sets 

Product detail

Requirements on documents:

- Legal documents

- L/C issuance application form

- Foreign trade contract

- Import permit/quota (for goods subject to permits/ quotas)

For authorized imports, additional documents include:

+ Authorized import contract

+ Agreement minutes (as per ACB format)

For usance L/Cs, additional documents include:

+ Schedule of payments of usance L/Cs

+ Document certifying foreign debt loans and payments by the State Bank (in case of payment term being over 1 year)

For payments of goods transferred out of border gates, additional documents include:

+ Commitment to transfer export revenues to ACB

+ Export contracts must provide clearly in payment terms for transferring money into customers’ deposit accounts at ACB. 

Complimentary services

+ Full No Deduct: Enabling beneficiaries to receive to correct amount of transferred money, without fee deduction by intermediary banks or beneficiaries’ banks.

+ One Deduct: Enabling senders to know the exact amount beneficiaries will receive.

+ Quick money transfer – Account credited in the day: enabling beneficiaries to receive money on the same day as the transfer. Applicable to remittance orders in USD to: China, Taiwan and South Korea.

Rate & Fee

Interest rates

Service fees 

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Contact us

For further information and instruction, please contact us at any nearest ACB’s branch office or ContactCenter 24/7: 1900 54 54 86 - (084) 08 38 247 247 - 1800 57 77 75 (Free, for priority customer)

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