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E-tax payment

E-tax payment

E-tax payment is a new service offered to ACB’s corporate customers, in cooperation with the General Department of Taxation. The service allows customers to meet tax obligations to the State any time, via the General Department of Taxation’s online tax declaration system. Taxpayers are updated immediately regarding the status of their tax payments.

Free of charge until August 31 2015

Pay taxes online 24/7

Activate e-tax via ACB Online

Scope of application

E-tax payment is applied nationwide.

Registration conditions

- Hold an active VND current account in at ACB

- Register to use the online tax declaration system offered by the Department of Taxation, at


Time-effective and secure.


- Utilize e-tax payment services at any ACB branch nationwide or via ACB Online.

- Pay taxes online 24/7, and get immediate updates on the status of your tax payments.

- Visit the General Department of Taxation’s online tax declaration system to make transactions, and then download & print out announcements and e-tax payment statements.

- Re-print deposit slips for State budget at any branch of ACB

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Step 1: Sign up for the e-tax payment service

Customers can sign up for e-tax payment services at

Note: Enter your correct email address

Step 2: Confirm your registration for e-tax payments with ACB

Option 1 – In person, at ACB counter:

- Customers must submit 2 registration forms at ACB transaction counters.

- Customers can download the registration form at or get a copy in person at the nearest ACB branch

Option 2 – Via ACB Online:

- Visit >Register online > Sign up for e-tax payments (customers do not need to go into an ACB branch) > Select your account number, and confirm with your digital signature.

Step 3: Receive your password from the General Department of Taxation

After completing Step 2, you will receive a password from the General Department of Taxation via email.

Step 4: Pay taxes online

Log in at, select deposit slip for State budget > Select your Acquirer and ACB account number, confirm with your digital signature, and send.

ACB will automatically record all transactions effected and report back to customers on a timely basis.

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