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Cash By Code - Withdraw cash at ATM without card

Cash By Code - Withdraw cash at ATM without card

Cash By Code feature helps customers easily transfer money to mobile phone subscribers and withdraw money at ATM / CDM without card

What is Cash By Code feature?

Fast money transfer

Transfer money from debit / prepaid card to a recipient who is a ACB customer without using the card


Withdrawal Cash withdrawal at ACB's ATM / CDM nationwide with Simple steps without a card

Secure transactions

Terms and Conditions of Use

- The money transmitter is the holder of domestic / international debit card and international prepaid card. The card must be valid and active.
- The receiver is required to have ID / CCCD / Passport information, phone number (Tel) to receive money to meet the customer identification requirement.
- Phone number and ID card / CCCD / Passport entered at the Cash Code creation channels must match the Receipt's ID and ID / CCCD / Passport number registered on ACB's system to successfully create Cash. Code.

How to use

Step 1: Cardholder creates Cash Code to transfer money at one of the following channels: ATM / CDM of ACB in the whole system, ACB Online, ACB App.
To create Cash Code, the cardholder must enter the following information:
1. The recipient's phone number;
2. ID card / CCCD / Passport of the recipient;
3. Amount to transfer.

Step 2: The receiver can withdraw money at ATM / CDM of ACB in the whole system.

- The receiver chooses the "Card-free withdrawal" feature on ATM / CDM ACB screen.

- At the transaction screen, the receiver enters the correct and complete Cash Code (*) (including 8 digits in the correct first and last order) and the amount allowed to withdraw.
(*) Cash Code used to receive money is divided into 2 parts via SMS: the first half is sent to the phone number of the Cardholder, the second half is sent to the phone number of the receiver. Cardholder after receiving the first 4 numbers of Cash Code will share the first half of Cash Code with the receiver.

- A successful authentication information system (Cash Code, amount, phone number ...) will generate and send OTP SMS code via phone number to the receiver.

- The receiver enters OTP SMS into the ATM / CDM for authentication, if the ATM / CDM is successfully authenticated, the recipient will pay money.

Please see detailed operations here

Fee and transaction limit

Applicable fee: 5,500 VND / transaction (VAT)
Transaction limit please see here

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