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Western Union Service

Western Union Service

Western Union is the fast money transfer service throughout 200 contries and territories and ACB was the first and the only bank in Vietnam to launch Western Union service since May/1994. After 20 years, ACB currently has more than 800 Western Union locations including 350 ACB Branch/Sub-Branch, other banks and non-bank organizations.

Fast service

Receiving money at the counter or via bank account within a few minutes after the money is transferred


No tax, no fee applied when receiving money in Vietnam


Receiving money in USD or VND

Transaction Guidelines

* WU Money Receiving:
1. WU Money Receive at counter:
Receiver comes to the nearest ACB-WU location: please refer to the Western Union Location System below.
-Fill the information in  “To Receive money” form: Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN 10 digits); Receiver name, Sender name, Sending Country, Receiving Amount (+/- 10%)
-Pass “To Receive money” form with the ID Card/Passport to the Teller.
-Receiving Money
2. WU Money Receive via ACB Online
Receiving money anywhere, at anytime without filling the “To Receive money” form and showing the ID Card/Passport:
-Signing in the ACB Online Account at website: to register for using the service.
-Selecting the registered account to receive money (VND account or USD account);
-Importing all the transaction information (MTCN, Money Amount, Sending country…) and confirming the accuracy of the imported information to proceed the transaciton.
-Money will be transferred right after the trasaction is completed.
* WU Money Sending:
Customer comes to the nearest ACB Branch:
-Customer makes a Sending Request Form, fills all the information in “To Send Money” form, attachs the appropriate document to show the subject and purpose of sending money.  
-For Vietnamese: Sending money according to the approved purposes  
-For Foreigner: Customer need to prove the origin of the sending money.  
Purpose for sending money:
+Oversea Study  
+Oversea Health Treatment
+Oversea Business Trip
+Tourist/ Oversea relatives visiting
+Fee payment for foreign country
+Subsidize for relatives from oversea
+Sending money for inheritance from oversea
+Sending money for oversea settle


Service Fee

Refer to ACB current fee scheme

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Call Center 24/7

Call Center 24/7: 1900 54 54 86 - (08) 38 247 247.

The nearest ACB Branch/Sub-branch

The nearest ACB Branch/Sub-branch

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