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JCB Debit

JCB Debit

International debit card link to VND checking account branded JCB from Japan and issued by ACB. Card is used to do transaction at ATM and all JCB or Cirrus merchant over the world

Special previledges from both ACB and JCB

Swipe Card & Enjoy previledges from ACB and famous brand from Japan.

First issuance in Vietnam

JCB International Debit Card is firstly issued by ACB in Vietnam

Standard EMV chip

Safer and more secure transactions



Foreigner is working or living in Vietnam

Special benefits


For the first time in Vietnam, customers enjoy free insurance when withdrawing cash at ATMs worldwide;

All ACB JCB Debit cards are issued as chip cards according to EMV standard for protecting customers in any cases.



Instance issuance: get your card within 15 minutes after finishing the procedure

Withdrawing cash at over 1 million ATMs with JCB or Cirrus logo worldwide

Accepting payments for goods and services at over 27 million of JCB accepting points worldwide.

Customers use money of checking account, more flexible in expenditure



Enjoy promotion & discount for Visa cardholders in travel, entertainment, shopping, … over the world.

Get non-term interest of ACB for VND checking account


Cash advances at over 1 million ATM with the JCB or Cirrus logos worldwide.

Accepting payments for goods and services at over 27 million points of sales for JCB worldwide

Making online payments on websites accepting JCB worldwide.

Managing card transactions at anytime and anywhere; paying bills of power, water, telephone services …with services from Contact Center 247, ACB Online, SMS banking…

Other service of international debit card

Transaction Limit


The limitation (VND)

1. Transaction amount/ day

Total (*)

50.000.000 VND/day

Fund transfer at ACB ATMs (Fund Transfer)

30.000.000 VND/day

Sale transaction (Sale)

50.000.000 VND

E-commerce transaction (E-commerce)

25.000.000 VND/day

2. Transaction times/ day

Total (**)

20 times/day

3. Transaction amount/ transaction

Sale transaction (Sale)

50.000.000 VND/transaction

Fund transfer at ACB ATMs (Fund Transfer)

30.000.000 VND/transaction

E-commerce transaction

25.000.000 VND/transaction

Cash advance


5.000.000 VND/ transaction

Other bank ATMs

Following bank owing ATM regulation




When using the ACB Card to do a cash advance at a non-ACB ATM, that bank’s transaction limit is applied.

The limitation is amend from time to time


(*) Including all kinds of transactions except cross bank transfers by card via ACB Online (if any)

(**) Including all kinds of transactions except cross bank transfers by card via ACB Online (if any)


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Please contact any ACB branch to get advice regarding the conditions and required documents

Your nearest ACB branch

Bankcard Center Customer service: (08) 38 222 022

Bankcard Center Customer service in Hanoi: (04) 35 667 918

Contact Center 24/7: 1900 54 54 86 - (08) 38 247 247 - 1800 57 77 75

Required documents

Application form (download here)

Personal documents (ID/ PPassport, Residence book...)


Application documents

Bring the required documents to your nearest ACB branch

Receiving Card & PIN

Get your card & PIN at any ACB branch

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