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Visa Platinum Debit (Business)

Visa Platinum Debit (Business)

Become Visa Platinum Debit cardholders, you are always our premium customers, experience special privileges in payment and service only for you around the world.

Visa Concierge Service 24/7

Our customer service center operates 24 hours a day to support cardholders. Just a simple phone call to Visa Concierge, cardholders are provided outstanding consultation and services by our professional staff.

Global insurance

Best protected by our insurance package with nearly 11 billion and 4 insurance services.

Experiencing upper class lifestyle with Golf

Perform your skill with pleasure at best golf courses in Vietnam with best prices throughout the year.

Card users

Foreigner is working or living in Vietnam

Features and benefits of product.

Free joining and annual fees if customers maintain Entrepreneur's Account.

Incentives fee when making transactions at ATMs

Maximum transactions limit: 200,000,000 VND/day. Maximum E-commerce transaction: 100,000,000 VND/day

Special benefits

I. Privileges:
1. Visa Concierge Service 24/7:
- Everywhere you go, just owning Visa Platinum Debit Card, Cardholders will be privileged to use Visa Concierge Service 24/7.
- Commutators Visa Concierge always ready to satisfy all the requirements of cardholders. Just call the number: 1201 1169, immediately cardholders will be consulting and attentive service with a professional staff to help you save time effectively:
+ Plan your travel, book a flight and arrange support services at airports
+ Booking of hotels, restaurants, theaters and event tickets
+ Support to send flowers & gifts to foreign countries.
+ Priority quickly help in the case of emergency.
+ And other needs.

2. Upper class services at the golf course:
- Perform your skill with pleasure at best golf courses in Vietnam with best prices throughout the year.
- Information related consulting and set the field

+ Hotline: 08 38 240 578.
+ Email:

3. Enjoy incentives all over the world: only for Platinum Cardholders
- In Vietnam: (Section Promotion/ Offer)
- In the world:

1. Best protected with insurance package nearly 11 billion and 4 services for Cardholder:
- Global Travel insurance up to 500,000 USD
- Travel delay insurance.
- Fraudulent transaction insurance
- ATM assault insurance

2. Secured online transaction with 3D Secure Service.
3. All cards are issued as Chip cards according to EMV standard for protecting customers in any cases.


Transaction Limit

As attachment

- When Cardholders withdraw money at non-ACB ATMs, the limit depends on those banks' regulations.
- The limit is changeable from time to time.

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Contact ACB branches to know about criteria and required documents

  • ACB branches nationwide
  • Bankcard Customer service: (08) 38 222 022
  • Bankcard Customer service in Hanoi: (04) 35 667 918
  • Contact Center 24/7: 1900 54 54 86 - (08) 38 247 247 - 1800 57 77 75

Required documents

Application form (download here)

Personal documents (ID/ PPassport, Residence book...)


Submit documents to ACB branches

Submit application form and required documents to ACB branches.

Receive card & PIN

Receive card & PIN at ACB branches 

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