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ACB Visa Platinum

ACB Visa Platinum

ACB Visa Platinum will bring you special and exclusive utilities in all payment transactions worldwide

Intelligent spending management

3D Secure is a service helping customers control their personal and family spending, and especially expenses for their children’s overseas study by installing online necessary parameters on primary cards and supplementary cards.

Concierge service

Assisting in services of sending flowers and gifts, other services related to golf, cars, helicopters, yachts; Assisting in international travel, medical care, and emergencies

Special privileges from ACB and Visa

Swipe your cards and enjoy fully special privileges from ACB and Visa at high-end restaurants, hotels, spa facilities …in Vietnam and worldwide.

Card users

Vietnamese / Foreign individuals aged between 18 and 65, residing in Vietnam and meeting conditions on issuing Visa Platinum credit cards under ACB regulations.

Special benefits

Cardholders benefiting from 4 free types of insurance:

1. ATM cash withdrawal insurance

2. Card transaction insurance

3. Flight delay insurance: compensation of 2.1 million VND/ 6 hours of delay (maximum 21 million VND)

4. Global travel accident insurance with compensation up to 10,500,000,000 VND (equivalent to 500,000 USD)


Concierge Services exclusive to Visa Platinum cardholders on a 24/7 basis both domestically and internationally: with only a phone call to Concierge Service at Visa Global Customer Assistance Center (toll free) Visa Platinum cardholders will be provided with services related to not only essential daily needs but only emergencies such as card loss, cash withdrawal, medical care… Assistance services include:

- Travel assistance services: providing flight and hotel information, reserving hotel rooms and booking air tickets;

- Car and limo rent service: providing information, introducing services and booking rents;

- Assistance services in sports and entertainment: providing information, introducing services and reserving restaurant tables, providing information on fitness clubs, sports events, golf courses, shopping venues…;

- Assistance services before travel: providing information on visa/ passport, customs/taxation and other destination-related information such as weather conditions, exchange rates, languages, time zones, ATM cash withdrawal,…;

- Assistance services for corporate enterprises: providing information on national habits and customs, assisting in hiring conference rooms, computers, fax machines, interpreters…;

- Services of sending flowers and gifts: providing information and assistance related to gifts and flowers

For further assistance and information, please visit or contact us at (08) 38 222 022.


Annual summary report of card transactions: This report will be sent to cardholders at the end of each year, summarizing succinctly all transactions with Visa Platinum cards by spending items in the year (restaurant services, shopping, travel…) to help Visa Platinum cardholders have an overview of their spending in the relevant year and plan future spending.


Privilege programs from Visa: Promotion / gift programs benefiting Visa Platinum cardholders worldwide included in the Platinum privileged list of Visa. Updated information can be obtained at

Especially in Vietnam, customers can participate in the privileged Golf Program at the golf courses of Ngôi Sao Chí Linh (Hải Dương), Long Thành (Đồng Nai), Phoenix Golf Resort (Hòa Bình) and Golf Club of Vietnam (HCMC).


- Buying now, paying later, and enjoying 0% interest rate up to 60 days;

- Making payments for at least 5% of the amount spent every month;

- Withdrawing cash at over 1 million ATMs with Visa logo worldwide;

- Accepting payments for goods and services at over 30 Visa cards accepting points of sale worldwide;

- Making online payments on websites accepting Visa cards worldwide;

- Managing card transactions at any time, from anywhere; paying bills of power supply, water supply, telephone services …with services from Contact Center 247, ACB Online, SMS banking…;

- Carrying out safe transactions on the Internet with 3D Secure services;

- Other international credit card services 

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Contact ACB branches to know about criteria and required documents

  • ACB branches nationwide
  • Bankcard Customer service: (08) 38 222 022
  • Bankcard Customer service in Hanoi: (04) 35 667 918
  • Contact Center 24/7: 1900 54 54 86 - (08) 38 247 247 - 1800 57 77 75

Required documents

Application form (download here)

Income documents (Salary confirmation form , Job title confirmation etc.)

Personal documents (ID/ PPassport, Residence book...)


Submit documents to ACB branches

Submit application form and required documents to ACB branches.

Receive card & PIN

Receive card & PIN at ACB branches 

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