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ACB MasterCard

ACB MasterCard

ACB MasterCard credit cards are a product offered by the international credit institution of MasterCard. These cards will guarantee the best safety and con- venience in all transactions worldwide.

Special privileges from ACB and MasterCard

Swipe cards and fully enjoy special privileges from ACB and MasterCard at luxurious restaurants, hotels, spa facilities … in Vietnam and all over the world.

Effective spending management

Buy now, pay later and enjoy 0% interest rate up to 45 days

Free-of-charge card insurance

Safe transactions worldwide

Card users

Vietnamese / Foreign individuals aged between 18 and 65, residing in Vietnam, obtaining corporate guarantee for card use and meeting conditions of issuing MasterCard credit cards under ACB regulations.

Special benefits

Personal credit card secured with collateral: Vietnamese / Foreign individuals aged 18 to 65 residing in Vietnam and owning collaterals which include:

  • Deposit balance at ACB, savings passbooks issued by ACB or by other credit institutions approved by ACB (in VND, USD or gold);
  • Real estate

Personal credit card (no collateral required): For salaried customers

  • Vietnamese citizens (aged 18 and over ) residing in Vietnam;
  • Workplace: non-business administrative agencies, large-scale legal persons, credit institutions, companies with credit/deposit relationship with ACB, joint-venture companies or FDI enterprises...;
  • Working history: having worked for current corporate units for at least 6 months (customers having obtained personal installment loans from ACB, customers receiving salaries from account with income of at least 10 million VND/month and over); or working stably for current corporate units for at least 12 months;
  • Permanent household registration or KT3/temporary residence registration book in the locality of ACB’s operations;
  • Monthly income:

- HCMC/ Hà Nội: at least 7 million VND

- Other provinces/cities: at least 5 million VND

For other cases of card issuance, ACB will set out specific conditions for each instance.


  • Buying now, paying later, and enjoying 0% interest rate up to 45 days;
  • Making payments for at least 5% of the amount spent every month;
  • Withdrawing cash at over 1 million ATMs with MasterCard logo worldwide;
  • Accepting payments for goods and services at over 30 MasterCard accepting points of sale worldwide;
  • Making online payments on websites accepting MasterCard  worldwide;
  • Managing card transactions at any time, from anywhere; paying bills of power supply, water supply, telephone services …with services from Contact Center 247, ACB Online, SMS banking…;
  • Carrying out safe transactions on the Internet with MasterCard inControl services;
  • Other international credit card services 
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Contact ACB branches to know about criteria and required documents

  • ACB branches nationwide
  • Bankcard Customer service: (08) 38 222 022
  • Bankcard Customer service in Hanoi: (04) 35 667 918
  • Contact Center 24/7: 1900 54 54 86 - (08) 38 247 247 - 1800 57 77 75

Required documents

Application form (download here)

Income documents (Salary confirmation form , Job title confirmation etc.)

Personal documents (ID/ PPassport, Residence book...)


Submit documents to ACB branches

Submit application form and required documents to ACB branches.

Receive card & PIN

Receive card & PIN at ACB branches 

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