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ACB2Pay Gateway

ACB2Pay Gateway

ACB2Pay gateway provided by ACB to support e-commerce businesses to accept and pay card at their website, thereby attracting more the customers shopping online.

Management of trading effectively

Information security & risk management

Expanding market

ACB2Pay service aim to

With the ability to make a payment on hand-held devices such as computers, phones, tablets ...; to implement and manage of payment transactions, especially, to allow businesses provide installment commodities services, recurring transactions, ACB2Pay gateway supports merchants online for all individuals, Vietnamese or foreign businesses have the form of e-commerce of business, including: airlines, hotels, tour companies, resorts, schools, telecommunications companies, electricity companies, water companies, online shopping website.


Management of trading effectively
ACB2Pay help businesses to improve job performance, save time and reduce cost management through management screen EBC (Enterprise Business Center). There, businesses can:
- To make card transactions, recurring payments / installments.
- To find the transaction and the general report.
- To install the risk management parameters.
Information security and risk management
ACB2Pay helps improvement to the customer experience, businesses prestigious, reduce complaints, time and operation costs through risk management effectiveness tools.
With ACB2Pay, cardholder information is encrypted by using the most secure technology in the world as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), MasterCard Securecode, Verified by Visa.
Risk management exactly and effectively through measurement fraud tools (Decision Manager) with more than 260 tests for each transaction is performed and compared with the data of more than 60 billion transactions each year.
Store information tools (tokenization) for the cardholder does not have to reenter payment information multiple times, and sensitive information of clients will be encrypted and security by system, thereby helping businesses to reduce the time order processing and saving operation costs.
Expanding Market
With simple connection, websites of business can make globally payment transactions, through accepting debit cards, prepaid and Visa / MasterCard credit, thus helping to expand the market as well as customers, promoting sales.
Opportunities to access with customer, who is cardholders of ACB, through incentive programs and promotion brand.
Professional services
ACB has specialized staffing service for each specific customer. The bank staff is always ready to assist directly or advice by phone, email, live chat ... to bring the best service for businesses.
Easily to connect
Businesses can be easily integrated into website ACB2Pay quickly with the application package and security key is provided by ACB. Depending on the requirements and configuration of each enterprise website that ACB has the form connections with different ACB2Pay. During the connection, ACB will support technical till the website connect with ACB2Pay and operated.

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Contact to the Sales and POS Service - ACB Card Center

Address: 11th Floor, 444A - 446 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Ward 11, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: (08) 3822 2022


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