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3D Secure Service

3D Secure Service

3D Secure Service is a feature to increase the security for cardholders without having to worry about card account misuse when making online payment transactions at website has logo Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode through authentication cardholder with a password.

Peace of mind

Be secured when shopping online without having to worry about card account misuse.

Pioneering service

The first bank to deploy 3D Secure services in Vietnam.


Secure with modern authentication methods.

Target customer

ACB Visa International cardholder, apply for Verified by Visa – VbV.

ACB MasterCard International, apply for MasterCard SecureCode service.

Channel to apply

On website 

When cardholders proceed online transaction

At branches/ sub - branches of ACB.


Sign Up 3D Secure service and select the authentication method. (cardholders can change the authentication method during using).

Update information: address, mobile number, email.

Notes: With authentication method by static password, cardholders can create password again if you forget your password, change your password and secret question.

Authentication method

Static password

OTP Token


The process of online transactions

Step1: Access website

Cardholders access website has logo Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode to make transaction. (In case website does not participate in 3D Secure service, Customers proceed transactions without password)


Step 2: Input payment information: card number, card validation, CVV2 / CVC2

If you have not registered 3D Secure service, you would be redirected to site to register service.

If you have registered 3D Secure service, you will be redirected to site to enter password..


Step 3: Enter your password

Static Password: cardholder registered password static.

OTP Token: cardholder enter OTP Token provided by ACB.

OTP SMS/Email: cardholder enter OTP is sent to the mobile phone/ email has been previously registered.


Step 4: Finish transaction.

Notes: If the cardholder enter password wrong more than allowed times, card will be locked this service (cash withdrawal, payment transactions is not changed). Cardholder must contact ACB to activate and register the service.

ACB encourage cardholders register service OTP SMS / Email or OTP Token authentication method to ensure the most safety for cardholders when making online transactions.


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