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"Tuong Lai Thinh Vuong" - Unit Linked

"Tuong Lai Thinh Vuong" - Unit Linked

Free of mind with planning for a prosperous future

Effective investment

Invest to increase your assets effectively with support from financial professionals

Easy protection

Easy protection for youself and your family with riders


Be flexible on protection and investment from time to time

A. Investment benefits

1. 6 different funds:
There are 6 different funds for customers of different risk appetites. Customers shall receive the fund interests according to the corresponding investment results.
2. Loyalty bonus
- Regular loyalty bonus: 3% of the average basic account value of preceding 3 Policy Anniversaries
- Special loyalty Bonus: up to 600% basic premiums
3. Maturity benefits:
Policy account value determined on the next valuation date after maturity date.

B. Protection benefits:

1. Intensive protection benefits:
With an additional reasonable premium in the same policy, Customers will be free of mind when being protected against medical risks, dismemberment, accidents, critical illnesses...
2. Death benefit:
Customers can choose between:
- Basic insurance plan: top-up account value and the higher of face amount and basic account value; or
- Advanced insurance plan: the total of account value (including basic account value and top-up account value) and face amount

C. Flexibility

1. Flexible on protection:
- Increase or decrease face amount
- Choose riders on demands
- Still under protection while temporarily stop paying premiums (*)
(*) Provided that policy account value is able to maintain deductibles
2. Flexible on investment:
- Select and change investment funds on demand
- Free fund withdrawals (of top-up account) at anytime
- Top-up investment up to 10 times of basic premium


1. Issue age: 1 month - 65 years old
2. Policy term: to age 85
To ensure all benefits, Customer shall provide complete and truthful declaration - especially health information and medical history - when submitting application form and inform Manulife the changes related to policy owner and life insured.

This document only summarizes the main product features and is not insurance policy. All regulations, conditions and benefits will be specified in provisions of Unit Linked.

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