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"Bao An Nhu Y" - Enhanced Critical Illness Endowment

"Bao An Nhu Y" - Enhanced Critical Illness Endowment

A financial support against 134 critical illnesses from the early stage

Comprehensive protection

Protection against 134 critical illnesses with total benefits up to 325% face amount

Protection until age 99

Under protection until age 99 while paying only 12 years of premium

Saving benefits

Increase your savings with cash benefits such as dividends, maturity benefits or guaranteed lump-sum payment

Protection benefits

A. Protection benefits
1. Critical illnesses (CI) benefit:
- Early stage: up to 4 times for different early-stage CI with maximum 25% face amount or 500 million/payment (whichever smaller)
- Intermediate stage: up to 2 times for different intermediate-stage CI with maximum 50% face amount or 1 billion/payment (whichever smaller) after subtracting the paid early-stage CI benefits
- Late stage: 1 time for late-stage CI. 100% face amount (*) after subtracting the previous paid Early-stage CI benefit and Middle-stage CI benefit for the same critical illness condition.
2. Additional Critical Illness benefit: additional 25% face amount (*) when:
- Juvenile Critical Illness (under 18 years old)
- Gender-specific Critical Illness (from 18 years old upward)
3. Death Benefit: up to 200% face amount (*), accumulated dividend (if any) and accumulated interest (if any) minus debt (if any) and paid death grant (if any)
4. Death Grant: 10% face amount (*), up to 30 million upon receiving request on death benefit. This benefit will be subtracted from death benefit upon Manulife's offical approval of payment
(*) Death benefit will be adjusted in case the life insured is at juvenile age as specified in Provisions or after late-stage CI/special coupon has been paid.

Saving benefits

1. Special coupon: 100% face amount subtracting paid early-stage, intermediate CI benefits. This benefit will be paid when the Life Insured reaches the Attained Age of 75 or on the 20th Anniversary Date (whichever comes later) if the late-stage CI has not been paid. The policy is still in-force after payment of this benefit and you are protected until maturity.
2. Maturity benefit: the total amount of face amount counted to date, special coupon, accumulated dividend plus accumulated interest (if any).
3. Dividend:
- Regular dividend: paid on every Anniversary Date
- Grateful dividend: if all due premiums had been paid fully for all payment periods, Company will then pay the grateful dividend on the Anniversary Day of the final year of payment period and every Anniversary Date until the Customers reache the age of 65 (for the Customers who are younger than 65 year-olds). Customers may cash out these dividends at any time or leave at the Company and earn accrued interest at the announced interest rates from time to time.


1. Issue age: 1 month - 65 years old
2. Policy term: until age 99
3. Premium term: 12 years, 15 years or 20 years
To ensure all benefits, Customer shall provide complete and truthful declaration - especially health information and medical history - when submitting application form and inform Manulife the changes related to policy owner and life insured.

This document only summarizes the main product features and is not insurance policy. All regulations, conditions and benefits will be specified in provisions of Enhanced Critical Illness Endowment.

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