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Pay for Railway and Airline tickets

Pay for Railway and Airline tickets

Traveling by air and rail is now easier and more convenient than ever before

Easy booking and payment on ACB Online

Save time

Free service

Conditions of use

Owned an ACB current account

Signed contract to use the ACB Online service

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Step 1: Login to ACB Online

Login to website

Step 2: Select the service payment and provider

- Choose "Service Payment" menu

- Select one service: "Payment for Airline Tickets” or "Payment for Railway Tickets"

- Select one service provider

Step 3: Fill in the details of payment

- Deduction Account: Select one owned current account to pay for airline or railway tickets

- Service Provider: Select one service provider “Vietnam Railway” or “Vietjet Air”,...

- Booking Code: Enter the booking code for payment (the booking code was generated when customer booked online tickets on the service provider's websites)

- Re-enter Booking Code: Enter the booking code again to confirm payment

- Payment Amount and Interpretation: The program will display the required payment amount and transaction information

- Authentication Method: Select one authentication method to confirm the transaction

Step 4: Confirm the transaction

Customers check transaction information:

- Click "Agree” to go to confirmation page

- Click "Cancel" to return to the homepage.


Note: After making a successful payment, please check your email to receive information about tickets.

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