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Carrying out banking transactions at any time and from anywhere via your computer or mobile device with Internet connection


Grounded on hi-tech applications with state-of-the-art safety and confidentiality


With more than 75 outstanding utilities


Authentic solutions of online transaction


ACB - iBanking is a service enabling customers with payment deposit accounts in VND at ACB to carry out transactions with ACB at any time and from anywhere via internet-connected computers or mobile devices at

ACB - iBanking provides individual customers with service package and methods of confidentiality protection. Customers may choose one or more of the following packages:



Verification Mode

Transfer Limits

Reliable beneficiary account
(counter registration)

Normal beneficiary account
(online registration)


Static Password

≤ 500 million VND per day

Fund transfer to oneself. No applicable limit (*)


One Time Password
(OTP SMS, OTP Token, OTP Matrix)

≤ 2 billion VND per day

≤ 100 million VND per day


Certificate Authority



Certificate Authority: by VNPT, VIETTEL, FPT, BKAV




Inquiring information on transactions, accounts, exchange rates, interest rates, tariff, …;

Inquiring information on securities;

Making fund transfers within and outside ACB system;

Transfering money to recipients evidenced by ID/ Passport;

Paying bills (power supply, water supply, telephone services, internet service…)



Flexible transactions

Making group fund transfer;

Placing future transfer orders;


Online deposit

Online investment account: flexible depositing and withdrawal with higher interest rates than those of normal payment accounts.

Online term deposits in VND and USD at interest rates equivalent to those of saving deposits (opening, updating rollover instructions, settlement at or before maturity).


Online loan

Getting online loans secured with the balance of term deposit upon online opening; no required dossier for each loan; automatic disbursement within minutes.

Placing orders of automatically deducting money to re-pay the loan

Re-paying the loan online (for due debt re-payments)

Registering for personal and mortgage loans


Card utilities

Inquiring information on card use;

Registering for card issuance, renewal, loss report, cancellation request…

Depositing money into ACB cards;

Transferring money from cards to inter-bank cards;

Registering for online payment from domestic cards;

Intelligent spending management by controlling card holders' spending


Payment of services

Prepaid mobile cards;

Payment of post-paid cell phone and fixed line phone tolls;

Payment of ADSL internet services, TV services, ...


Other functions and utilities

Selling foreign currencies to ACB. Converting foreign currencies into VND and transferring into payment deposit accounts.

Regitering for fast and safe reception of Western Union remittances, ...


Customers with payment deposit accounts at ACB

Customers having signed service contracts with ACB 

Instructions on use

Installation instructions

For the verification mode with certificates, in addition to installing certificate onto your computer (by using Token CA), customers are kindly required to additionally download the program file “Certificate library_capicom” and install this program as instructed in the file “Installation instructions of capicom” before carrying out your transactions on the internet.

Certificate library_capicom

Installation instructions of capicom

Lưu ý: Hướng dẫn cài đặt chứng thư số được cung cấp bởi nhà cung cấp chứng thư số.


Usage instructions

You may follow this link User guide of ACB iBanking


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Call at nearest ACB branches/transaction offices

Open payment deposit account (in case of new customers without ACB accounts)

Sign service contract

After registration, ACB staff will assist and guide you in using the service.

Alex Tan - 2152 days 11 hours 27 minutes ago

Dear sir or madam. I would like to contact your compliance department regarding Anti Money Laundering documents. Please pass them my details so I can send my question. Thank you.

Ngân hàng Á Châu - ACB - 2144 days 19 hours 21 minutes ago

Dear Mr Alex Tan! For your information we can not support you. Please contact our Contact Center 24/7 at ( 848) 38.247.247 to get further consultancy. Thanks & Best regards.

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