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Saving Accounts

Saving Accounts

Non-term savings deposits are money deposited by customers with multiple withdrawals and non-term interest rates based on the balance at the end of each day

Non-term interest rates

Non-term interest rates based on the balance at the end of each day


Unlimited times of depositing and withdrawing money


Fast transaction at all ACB branches / sub-branches


VND: Individual Vietnamese and foreigners

USD: Individual Vietnamese


Product utilities

1. Customers may pledge their savings passbooks to obtain loans, secure the issuance of credit cards or provide guarantee for a third person to get loans from ACB;

2. Savings passbooks can be used to confirm customers’ financial capability or to guarantee their relatives’ overseas travel and study;

3. Individual residents are entitled to use their savings accounts to pay for loans or to transfer money into other ACB accounts of the holders;

4. Customers may carry out transactions at any ACB branches / transaction offices;

5. Customers will be able to check their account information with ACBOnline supportive services;

6. Savings deposits can serve as a basis for issuing overdraft limits.



Tenor: Non-term
Type of currencies: VND, USD
Minimum initial deposit: 1,000,000 VND/ 100 USD.
Interest rates: in conformity with product regulations
Mode of interest payment: automatic monthly payment based on the date of opening the savings passbook


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