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Loc Bao Toan

Loc Bao Toan

“Lộc Bảo Toàn” is a term savings product, associated with Prévoir Vietnam, offering customers both attractive savings interest rates and other interests of life insurance as well as financial support to medical treatment.


Insurance policy remaining fully effective during the whole tenor even when the savings account is liquidated prior to maturity


Insurance contract immediately effective upon customers’ purchase of the product

More Detail

Both high product interest rates and privilege of insurance coverage


Individual Vietnamese and foreigners

Product utilities

1. Maximum sum insured on a customer’s one or more savings passbooks being  24 billion VND;
2. For tenors of more than 12 months, customers entitled to choose 1 of the following 2 insurance interests:
    + Interest 1: 100% of the savings deposit (*) + support to medical treatment at 70,000 VND/day;
    + Interest 2: 200% of the savings deposit (*) + support to medical treatment at 140,000 VND/day



Tenor: 3, 6 (at-maturity interest), 12 months and 13 months (monthly and at-maturity interest);
Minimum deposit limit: 20,000,000 VND
Interest rates:  in conformity with product regulations

Contact to open an account

For any inquiry on products and for further instructions, please contact:

Contact nearest ACB Branch / Transaction Office Nationwide.

Contact Center 24/7: 1900 545486 (toll free) - (08) 38 247 247.


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