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Current Account

Current Account

Deposit accounts which customers use to deposit money into and withdraw money from, and through which customers carry out banking transactions.


Fast money transfer


Various utilities from account


Reasonable service charges


Vietnamese individuals and foreigners


Non-term interest rates in VND, USD.

Overdraft services on Current Account in VND.

Diverse deposit currencies: VND, USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, CHF, CAD...

ACB Online banking services.

Contact Center 24/7 permanently at your service.


Term: non-term

Currency: VND, USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, CHF, CAD...

Minimum initial deposit:

    VND: 100,000 VND

    USD: 20 USD

Minimum retained balance: 100,000 VND (for VND).

Interest rates: non-term or progressive on day-end balance (See interest rate chart).

Service charges: See ACB’s current chart of rates.

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For any inquiry on products and for further instructions, please contact:

Contact nearest ACB Branch / Transaction Office Nationwide.

Contact Center 24/7: 1900 545486 (toll free) - (08) 38 247 247.

calvin caceres - 2328 days 16 hours 38 minutes ago

Hi, I am a foreigner with a tourist visa, i am currently working here in Vietnam. My company is still processing my work permit and residence card. Can i open a current account where my company will send my salary every end of the month? Will you allow me to open a current account even my visa is a 21 days visa for tourist? does a job offer letter from my company enough document to open an account? I am from Philippines. Thank you.

Ngân hàng Á Châu - ACB - 2307 days 20 hours 7 minutes ago

Dear Calvin Caceres!

Foreigner can open current account at ACB. In order to open account, client need to bring passport and visa or residence card or... For your case, you need to bring your documents and contact direct to any ACB Branch or Sub-branch then ACB will check your documents and tell you exact result.

Thanks & Best regards.

geneviva - 2180 days 14 hours 30 minutes ago

Dear Madam or Sir, As Foreigner (without residence permit yet) I would like to open a personal account. What do you need for opening an personal account for foreigner: - is showing valid Passport with Vietnamese visa sufficient to open a personal account? Please state your full requirements for opening a personal account for foreigner Thank you

Asia Commercial Bank - ACB - 2179 days 22 hours 29 minutes ago

Dear sir or madam! In order to open current account at ACB, you should bring:

- Passport

- Visa (if have)

- Other documents (if need)

You can refer our products by the link below:

Thanks & Best regards!

Albert Huizeling - 1814 days 6 hours 3 minutes ago

Hi, I am a foreigner and I want to open a account in your banc. I want to deposit every month 100 euro so when i wil beeing in 5 years living in vietnam i have money on my account. is it possible to open a account while i am in the netherlands, i can send you my passport scan. regards Albert

Asia Commercial Bank - ACB - 1811 days 17 hours 6 minutes ago

Dear Sir or Madam Albert Huizeling! In order to open account, you need contact direct any ACB branches or Sub-branches. You can refer our branches location by the link bellow: If you need any more information, please contact us at ( 848)38.247247 to get furthur consultancy. Thanks & Best regards,

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